Born in South London during the seventies, Reg discovered music at a time when punk burst onto the scene and everyone took notice. Fascinated, he taught himself the three chords needed, was gigging by the time he was fourteen and was already attracting label interest. It wouldn't be until his late teens that this talent was to gain interest from bigger Independent Labels ZTT, Elemental, Nude, Satellite. Gaining more musical knowledge and increasing his instrument ability, Reg got disillusioned with the band format and took to learning music production using technology. He also formed a new duo act Soap Operatic Society with close friend Donna Mack. Currently on hiatus with an album in production, Reg took to the world of film score. Firstly for Sebastien Du Mont (electronic music composer/Rhonnda Radio DJ/ Artist) on a piece called My Pretty Soul then for Gordon Eightball (Photographer/Film Maker/Composer) of Radiation Ranch Films on Cold War Baby & now:zero. Two architectural Brutalist short films shot in Birmingham. After this, the tracks came thick and fast along with the films.


Having done sound editing and supplying music for Mellow 9 Productions/Blame The Consumer/Dr Sarcastic Pictures/Ciao Handy Film/Bulldog Film, music featured at Film Festivals around the world and two London premieres (Signs of Silence, Where we Hide Secrets, Book Trader), Reg is making his dream a reality. Reg is currently working on more short films, corporate work, features, documentary films.

Reg currently freelances for Musical Keys, a charity that specialises in providing music for young people with special & complex needs.


Album review for Life Without Skin


Life without skin really is a masterclass in mixed genre composition. Each piece thoughtfully and meticulously constructed to form a concise piece of music which optimises the very essence of the genre from which it sits.

The range of texture, dynamic and pure song writing is astonishing. From sparse swells of throbbing synth pads to coarsely textured golden era sounding big band extravaganzas. Where Length introduces a theme it is always perfectly formed and original, the kind of writing that provokes annoyance at its brilliant simplicity and efficiency.

The album sounds bright and consistently high in audio quality, production which is at times so huge and complex and others so subtle really displays Length's abilities as not only a craftsman of extraordinary tunes but also a skilful engineer.

It's clear that Length clearly understands the role of music in moving picture as he consistently condenses entire genres into just a few minutes of wonderful music.


Album reviews for Electric Cinema 


"It's like a trippy love letter to the greats. Hear Morricone, Conti, Budd, Barry, Schifrin et al there. Wake Up Boring Little World is exceptional" Ciarán Bradley


"A Cosmic Cocktail of Cinematic Delights  

From the Vangelis like vibes of 'How Insignificant Are You?' to the Modernist march of the Harry Palmeresque 'Cold War Baby', this is a positively Cosmic Cocktail of Cinematic Delights. 'Monster Attack' is plain bonkers! Meanwhile 'Get Me To The Supermarket' evokes images of the Carry On raving it up like its Swinging London circa 1969. With sixteen superb soundtracks to groove to its well worth it - buy it! " Gary Keen




5 out of 5 stars LWS bigger_resized Awake Amongst Sleepers