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Great talent to work with. Very patient and understanding. Collaboration becomes so much easier with enthusiasm and excitement and that's exactly what Reg gives you!


R.M.Moses Writer/Director/Film maker/Screen writer Blame The Consumer


I came across Reg’s music some time ago and I immediately loved the quality and feeling that his works evoked in me. When it came to creating my short Science Fiction piece “The Colour of Life and Death” I felt that Reg was the man for the job, and I was not disappointed. His work is magical, enriching projects and aiding the emotions required for effective storytelling. I look forward to working alongside Reg in the future and I know that there is much more to come from him. 


Danny Cotton Writer/Director/Film maker Dr Sarcastic Pictures


Working with Reg was an absolute joy. Not only is he extremely talented and incredibly professional, but he is also a very nice person. I look forward to working with Reg again.


Andrew Elias Actor/Writer/Director/Film maker Ciao Handy Films  



When I was writing my short film "Days To Come" I had a clear vision of how I wanted the film to look. But what I desperately needed was someone who not only knew music but understood it like second nature, just as one walks without thinking. So I reached out to Reg, we had several conversations of how the film should sound and he made me a demo where I could make a rough draft and send it to him to begin his craft. There were several occasions where i would make notes and Reg would go back and forth with no trouble to make sure my film was the best it could be and after he sent me his final score, WOW...I couldn't believe it, he had bought my film to life in a way that i never thought imaginable. He created something that was unique and sounds like nothing i have ever heard before and told my story beautifully. The score has a certain charm to it that takes your  heart by storm and plays an important character of its own in my film. I would be happy to recommend Reg to anyone and I can't wait to work with him again on my next project. Thank you.


Louis Findlay Actor/Writer/Director/Film maker



Reg has been sent from the musical Gods. I've worked with him for over a year now and he is a music composer who just 'get's it'. He is open, honest and has a fine musical ear. Open to all genres of music and always willing to listen to direction and also add his own input. A complete joy to work with, we are currently in talks with Reg to score a further 3 or 4 projects. Reg is a future Maurice Jarre or Jerry Goldsmith.


Adrian Scott Scriptwriter/Director/Managing Director/Producer Mellow 9 productions


Reg has worked on the soundtrack for my feature film ‘Soldiers of Embers.  After sending Reg a few musical tracks to show the look and feel I wanted for my movie he went to work.  Within a few hours Reg had sent me the first rough score for me to listen to ensure I was happy he was on the right track before going further.  He was on the right track from the start and I immediately knew he was the man for the job.  Reg is extremely talented and has knack for pulling together the right instruments to give the correct sound in order to set the key tone for a movie.  Reg is happy to take constructive feedback and uses this to tweak his music where required, coming back with something bigger and better each time which simply blew me away.  I know I will be working with Reg on my other projects.


Matt Long Actor/Writer/Producer Bulldog Films



I was introduced to Reg by my filmmaking colleague, who had recently used Reg for his latest project, when I was in search of a composer for my 1 minute short film “Bwah-Bwah”. I was struggling with what direction to take the score and asked Reg for his opinion. Within minutes Reg had come up with an idea that sounded amazing. By the end of the day, he had his first draft to me, that was spot on and a couple of days later I had the final score. Reg understood exactly what the project needed and made an amazing score that complemented and completed my film. His support of the project since it has gone out to the festivals has also been brilliant. Reg is an amazing talent and I highly recommend him to anyone that is thinking of using his services.


Adam Sturman Writer/Director/Film Maker Dr. Sarcastic Pictures

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