Signs of Silence by Remi Moses (Blame The Consumer) wins Award Of Merit & Special Mention at Accolade Global Film Festival, 3rd place and Best Screenplay at Uptown Short Film Festival Harlem NYC.

Colour of Life and Death (Dr Sarcastic Pictures) wins Best International Sci-Fi Short award at Wendy's Shorts and Best Film at Direct Short Online Film Festival.

Bwah-Bwah by Adam Sturman (Dr Sarcastic Pictures) wins Best One Minute Film audience award at TOFF, Audience Choice Award Festigious





Trial by Fire trailer , the documentary Reg scored last year is now available to watch.


Reg to score Bluff by Tom Dunham. Film in post production.


Colour of Life and Death is now available to watch online.


Days To Come by Louis Findlay picks up award at Awardeo. Plus 2 more. Reg also provides track and score for Louis' second film 'Think About It."


Krystal from Mellow 9 in post production.




Signs of Silence is now available to watch online.


Interview on BBC Introducing as several tracks have been played since Awake Amongst Sleepers released.


Reg releases his first composition showreel.


Awake Amongst Sleepers Reg's 3rd album OUT NOW. Title track and Humour Me played on BBC Introducing.


Reg scoring Docufilm Trial by Fire by Mellow 9 Productions.


Signs of Silence is selected at British Urban Film Festival and will be screened at Camden Odeon 16th September. It's also at Norwich Film Festival 12th November and Birmingham Film Festival November 25-27 and New York on December 10th.


Reg completes scores for Where We Hide Secrets & Book Trader by R M Moses. Both films screened at Blame The Consumer 2nd annual premiere.


Reg is currently working on new short film Where We Hide Secrets by R M Moses. 


Soldiers of Embers feature film promo trailer now online from Bulldog Films. Currently at Direct Short Online Film Festival, and screening in New York.


Reg will release his third album Awake Amongst Sleepers this summer. 14 excellent new tracks. The album will feature guest vocalist Lee Hamilton of Audio Junkie.


11 pieces of music written for brilliantly funny Dim Squad. Written and starring Elijah Baker


Reg will be teaming up again with Remi Moses for Saving Art.


Colour of Life and Death wins Best International Sci-Fi Short Film award.


Reg is scoring Dim Squad a short film by Elijah Baker (Signs of Silence, Silent Witness, Vendetta, We Still Kill The Old Way, Phoneshop, New Tricks)


Projects so far confirmed for 2016


Dim Squad short film by Elijah Baker.

Krystal short film Mellow 9 Productions.

Signs of Silence sequel film Blame The Consumer. 2017

Saving Art short film Blame The Consumer.

Twelve short film Ciao Handy Films.



On top of this, a spoken word short I scored Je Suis Mellow 9 Productions is out now.




Reg Length review of 2015 here.


Colour of Life and Death accepted at four festivals.


Reg to work on new collaboration with Andrew Elias. Twelve.


Reg completes score for spoken word for Mellow 9 Productions. Je Suis coming soon.


Reg completed score for 1 minute short 'Bwah-Bwah' which is currently entered here where you can vote at Los Angeles CineFest. Remember, please help to vote for audience award if you like it.


Signs of Silence is premiering at Genesis Cinema East London on Tuesday 13th October along with three other films by R M Moses. Baddies, Sapiens & Carousel.


Reg to score another Mellow 9 - Word 9 film. Details to follow.


Pleased to announce that the short film 'Life's A Bench' by Andrew Elias was screened at the Wimbledon International Short Film Festival on the 3rd October. Out of 700 plus entrants, it made the final 16. It also was shown on Latest TV (Brighton) in November. A new short in is production.


Reg is scoring the new short film 'Signs of Silence' by R M Moses. Born into a world of silence, Eli finds himself not able to communicate well with people. Mainly because not everyone understands sign language. Watch trailer here. The film will be premiered at Genesis Cinema East London on the 13th October with 3 other films by the same director Baddies, Sapiens & Carousel.  


Krystal (Formerly Lost Loved & Gained) now filmed and in post production. Score to do in three months.


Reg working on a new score for Danny Cotton, award winning director/writer/producer. The film 'The Colour Of Life & Death. The film follows 'Thief' as he tries to escape a dystopian environment where life can be taken from criminals and bought by the rich, greater dividing classes and the ways people live. He encounters an older gentleman who may be able to help him in his mission, but the consequences will questions his views on life and death..' Currently in post production. You can watch the trailer here.


Music for Lifes A Bench by Andrew Elias submitted and off to festivals. Received high praise from industry big name. Reg will be working soon on another short with Andrew. Details to follow.


Mellow 9 Productions Doc 9 series to feature music from Life Without Skin. Watch Raw here.


Life Without Skin new album from Reg Length is out now. Click album cover for iTunes. Go to compositions page to hear via the player or listen on Spotify.


Romo Makeover remixes of Another Canine Adventure released. Click here to hear them.


Reg Length album release in The Eastern Daily Press & North Norfolk News, and gets interviewed on Future Radio as well as getting played on BBC Introducing.


Reg has been awarded an equipment grant from North Norfolk Business Enterprise & Start-up Grant Support Scheme. He's ecstatically happy to be recognised locally as a composer and get supported in this way. "It's such an amazing feeling and I'm extremely grateful..."


Jim teaser online with Reg's theme tune from Mellow 9.




Mellow 9 release Callum Barwick's 'Who Am I' recorded by Reg Length.


Mellow 9 Productions release Poppi Dee's 'She Takes A Pill' behind the scenes.  


Actress Jess Espin Thurgur spoken word track completed with soundtrack. Release date to follow.


New film released by Mellow 9. Katie Lou Thomas 'Angels'  Track composed and sound editing of vocal.


Electric Cinema debut album of soundtracks on iTunes Amazon 7 Digital.


Mellow 9 Productions release Lost Loved & Gained Trailer on Indiegogo

Filming starts June 2015.




Music accepted by Soundcheque Ltd a fair trade music platform uniting film makers and musicians. Perfectly descibed in full here. "It provides original and bespoke music for media, film and TV (in all genres and for every budget) and all artists are rewarded with 100% of their royalties and Soundcheque claims no rights over their music."


Beats constructed for Jacob Soltice for album track Murder On The Graslei from The Phantom Limb.


Gordon Eightball of Radiation Ranch Films releases new film now:zero


David Montgomery Dandelion Free Culture edit.


Gordon Eightball of Radiation Ranch Films releases new film Cold War Baby